Arjuna is Kunti’s youngest son with Pandu. His name (in Sanskrit) means “shining” or “luminous”. He is the incarnation of Indra, the God of war. Arjuna was proficient in archery and was considered the best knight by Drona. His prowess in the science of warfare made him the foundation of the Pandavas in order to be able to gain victory during the great battle at Kurukshetra. Arjuna has many nicknames, such as Dhananjaya (wealth grabber, because he managed to collect tribute during the Rajasuya ceremony held by Yudhisthira); Kirti (who has a beautiful crown, because she was given a beautiful crown by Lord Indra while in heaven); Partha (the son of Kunti, because he is the son of Perta alias Kunti). In the battle at Kurukshetra, he was victorious and Yudhisthira was made king.



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