Bima is Kunti’s second son with Pandu. The name Bhimā in Sanskrit means “terrible”. He is the incarnation of Dewa Bayu so he has the nickname Bayusutha. Bima is very strong, his arms are long, his body is tall, and his face is the most frightening among his brothers. Nonetheless, he has a kind heart. Good at playing mace weapons. His club weapon is called Rujakpala and he is good at cooking. Bima also likes to eat so he is nicknamed Wrekodara. His skills in war were needed by the Pandavas so that they were able to gain victory in the great battle at Kurukshetra. He has a son from the giant race named Gatotkaca, who helped his father in the war, but died. Finally Bima won the war and handed over the throne to his brother, Yudhisthira.



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