Do You SEA Me?

Legend said that it is always a festive season underwater. The fish are singing, the waves are dancing, and the other undersea creatures are gathering together. It is always festive because mating seasons for each creature are different. And just like any other sea creature in love, seahorses mate with one another by chasing each other. And as we all know, seahorse is one of the most unique sea creatures ever existed.  They are unique amongst others yet are similar within their herd, especially during the festive season for seahorses to find mates, they need to stand out to get the best mates.

In the village, ceremonies and festivals are an almost daily practice. Like seahorses, everyone tries to fit into their own village practice while being unique and standing out for personal and family recognition as well as getting married. Like sea horses, some are lost in the background and others shine.

Know more about the artist: I GEDE SURYAWAN