Fruit of the Gods

Prosperity is about joy and purpose. In Bali we have been granted an abundance of natural resources to live and enjoy life. The Balinese believe the island is blessed by the Gods and thus it is named The Island of the Gods. So every day and especially on auspicious occasions, offerings are given to the gods and then enjoyed by the family. This merges spirit, body, and purpose to create a continuous source of inner joy and serenity.


The offerings to God on ceremonial occasions as a way of expressing gratitude. It is common for the village to gather and help each other to make offerings for ceremonies. And fruit is one of the many treasures from nature used in offerings as a way to thank God and the universe.


“Fruit of the Gods” painting represents a joy of being and serving, an emotion shared by the village who thank the greater powers for life and all the abundance it offers. It shows the gratitude of a mother, a sister, and a wife who fills her soul through the opportunity to give back and to live in joy each and every day.

Know more about the artist: I GEDE SURYAWAN